Forum Title: Using closet door outside?
Can I use a closet door outside of the house? In my garage, the door that leads outside damaged in a lot of way. The wood is chipping, the window is cracked and there is a hole on the bottom half. The appearance of the door does not bother me because we hardly use the door and it is blocked anyways. Now I have a chance to replace the door for free. My sister has door from her closet that I can take. Is it legal to use a closet door that goes outside? Is there any drawback to it? How about water, should I coat it with something to protect against water? I know it is not as strong as the original doors but it does not matter because it is blocked off by something very heavy. The only thing that I am worried about is any legal issue. If we sell the house, would we have to replace it? I live in Sacramento, California.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BOBBIE RODGERS (Terre Haute, IN), 01/05/2019

Not a Pro..but I doubt you need a header, but you may need some sort of support, maybe metal angle? You don't want to fight with the bureaucrats.

- JEROME SCHNEIDER (Warner Robins, GA), 02/27/2019

The door leads from the garage to the outside. Is there any paint or anything that I can apply to protect the door from outside elements?

- MABEL MORAN (Blaine, MN), 03/07/2019

No, buy an exterior door, wood, fiberglass or metal- not an interior (probably hollow core construction) door. Be safe, G

- BYRON DANIEL (Yucaipa, CA), 02/04/2019

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