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We just installed several beautiful interior, solid, 6 Panel Pine doors in our home, and now want to stain them. The issues are: 1) whether I am capable of doing this myself? don't want to hire someone, but, I've never stained a door before, nor am I a painter/stainer by anymeans. 2) Do I need to precondition them first? I've read other threads online about this -- some say it's a must if you want an even color, other say the uneveness is gorgeous and part of the natural character of wood. 3) What type of stain and varnish is best, water based or oil based? How many coats? (Thinking of Golden Oak for this soft Pine) 4) Which is easiest, Doors on the hinge or off, hardware on or off? 5) For sanding, what grit of sandpaper? First sanding? after staining? After each coat of Varnish?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WILLIAM zJONES (Fort Wayne, IN), 01/30/2019

You can do it, just make sure there is support under the lip edge of the threshold. Silicone it to the concrete and silicone the threshold to it for a good leak stoppage. You may want to consider 5/4 x 6 since it has a radiused edge and may look better if it were left proud of the end of the metal threshold. It may take two, one split, depending on the overall width of the threshold.

- EMMA SALAZAR (San Francisco, CA), 03/03/2019

for pine doors use a preconditioner, but follow directions carefully. Gel stains are usually more forgiving than oil stains. I rarely brush, I wipe with a low lint rag, I think it is faster, and you MUST keep a wet edge all the time. Good suggestion above about doing the backside of closet doors first to get the routine down. Water based poly dries quicker, but I prefer the finished look of oil poly better. Oil based will darken the final product, water based will not.

- DEAN SANTOS (Lawrence, MA), 02/23/2019

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