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I built my house 20 years ago. I did most of the work myself. I installed what I thought were energy saving double pain aluminum windows which was available at the time other than wood which I figured would rot and or need more maintence by painting. I had not realized or took into consideration the temperature conductance of Aluminum. It is really bad when you are trying to keep temperatures outside, summer or winter. The aluminum is like a heater in the summer and like a ice cube in the winter. I am trying to determine if it is now economical to to try an remove these aluminum windows and put in vinyl windows. My house is brick venier. The brick covers up the aluminum flange that is nailed or screwed to the wood window opening. First would it be economical for me to do the change? I am a do it your selfer, so I'll be doing the work. Second how to get the existing aluminum frame out since the flange is covered with brick. thanks Ken
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You'll have to take the screen off and inspect the rollers. They may need replacement if they don't roll very smoothly and evenly. Some rollers do not use bearings and over time the holes just get worn out. Even the type with bearings dry out and corrode over time. You MIGHT be able to swap the bottom for the top. Make sure the screen frame is joined tightly at the corners. You may need to tighten or replace screws. The reason there are rollers but no track at the top is so the screen can be rotated 180 degrees and be used for either L to R or R to L just by moving the latch (if necessary). Most doors only have the U channel at the track. You would need a straight edge like a 4 ft level to check the track. It should be straight and flat. If there are any bends, you can straighten them by tapping lightly using a wood block and hammer, or pliers with tape in the jaws to protect the track. If there are any dings or gouges, you may be able to smooth them with some very fine sandpaper (240-320 wet or dry works well). Then take a parafin block or a white candle and rub on the track and inside the U channel at the top. Ok, all that's not uncommon for expensive doors to use very cheap screens. Its very easy to layout $1500 or more for a door and get a $45 screen for it. No one could understand paying $200 for an Andersen screen, until they actually compared them to the cheapo's. If you have a good window and door shop or a shop that specializes in re-screening they could measure and fabricate a quality screen for you. A good place for parts is AAA Screen aaa screen window and door supply, patio door handles, patio door wheels, screen door wheels, screen door handles , if you don't have a place locally

- CLINTON PADILLA (Glendora, CA), 02/27/2019

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