Forum Title: Need a custom interior pantry door
I have been browsing the internet looking for a hollow pantry door 24 by 74 or 75. It's like looking for the holy grail. I cannot even find it custom made. Any ideas out there. This is for my 1997 travel trailer. So I am not looking to spend a weeks pay for it. Regards, John
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: THELMA GREENE (Pompano Beach, FL), 01/20/2019

What you describe won't cause a sale to be killed. Have you checked big box stores?? They have a fair supply of generic parts. The look up window parts on the web, should be able to find something. You don't say where you are. We have an obsolete window parts dealer here that has a considerable supply and catalogs. All Door&Window parts 302 654-9379

- ARMANDO ROBBINS (Moreno Valley, CA), 02/09/2019

What he said, easy to do. Before you cut the door, scribe the door with a utility knife on both sides at the cut line. This will minimize tearout. Use a sharp carbide blade. The top/bottom rails on those doors are only about 1 1/2 thick, so it will come off with the cut. Strip off the plywood and fit it into the cut on the door, with glue, clamps. And you have a cut down door.

- HARRY HOWARD (Tempe, AZ), 03/04/2019

If I remember correctly most mobile home doors are 76 in height although whenever I've replaced one, I've done as suggested above instead of looking for a MH parts dealer. I usually rip a 2x to replace the bottom strip, IMO that's easier than removing the veneer from the cut off piece of the door

- CLAIRE FRANCIS (Shawnee, KS), 02/01/2019

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