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During heavy rains the west facing window on the second story will leak as if the sill is flooding. Where should I begin to look to diagnose this problem? I would like to try to resolve this without calling in a repair order. Our home warranty will expire in just over a month but I believe we will have to pay out of pocket to get a contractor to come look at it. Now I will have to find the warranty paperwork to make sure. Any suggestions?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ALFREDO SWANSON (Norwalk, CA), 01/08/2019

Those pads come with every new door, and I don't believe you can buy them in stores. Your best bet will be to go to the millwork department at your local lumberyard and ask the manager if he has anything similar. Therma-tru and Mastercraft switched from that kind of corner weatherstrip pad to a different kind 5 or 10 yrs ago. I'm assuming most other brands have as well. Instead of the pile weatherstrip pads that were common a few years back, you will more commonly see a wedge shaped foam (q-lon) weatherstrip with an adhesive backing. That would probably work just as good, if you could find that instead. The wedge shaped foam weatherstrip is on page 11 of 12 in this catalog if you'd like to see what I was referring to. The corner weatherstrip in your picture looks to be in good shape, so you could always glue it back on with some contact cement (follow the directions on the bottle). The contact cement is available in little tiny bottles (about $2) for small repairs like this. And you can put a couple staples in it for good measure.

- TAMARA HORTON (St. Louis, MO), 02/12/2019

Yes, three coats of polyurethane over the stain would be my plan. Change color? You can strip the finish and start over down the road. Paint? Why would you paint a beautiful wood like oak?

- ROSA CHAPMAN (Garland, TX), 02/18/2019

What sleeper said. Has it leaked since the house was new??? If yes, something was not done correctly in the window flashing before the siding went on.

- CLAUDE TERRY (Killeen, TX), 02/24/2019

The house is 10 years old. We purchased it last fall and just noticed it this summer. But looking closer it looks like it has been like this for a few years. The trim around the bottom of the sill has some water damage. I also noticed that water has leaked into the garage below. Today I will be tearing into the window to clean the sill and see what I can find.

- WILLARD QUINN (Visalia, CA), 03/01/2019

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